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Caring for your Cast In Concrete Design

Concrete is a strong, durable porous stone requiring some care to age gracefully. Our products are polished and sealed to provide protection. Concrete will patina over time enhancing the natural organic look of your product. Below are some common sense hints to help care for your piece.


The Great Outdoors

The perfect choice for withstanding sun and rain concrete is an excellent choice for your outside living area. Be mindful of exposure to direct sunlight and weather over an extended period of time as they may result in a slight colour change. Water pooling on your concrete piece may leave a mark.

Day to Day Cleaning

Simple is best. Use a warm damp cloth with mild detergent. Any harsh chemicals, abrasive cloths or scorers and vigorous scrubbing may damage the sealant. Ensure you wipe up spills immediately especially red wine, acidic liquids (fruit juices), food colouring, tea or strong coloured spices.

Avoiding cracks, chips & scratches

While concrete is robust it is not invincible. Heavy items being dragged across a table or impacts with hard objects will likely cause small chips and scratches. We highly recommend using placemats, runners and always use a cutting board when chopping or preparing food. Avoid hard objects hitting edges or the surface of your product.

Heat Resistance

Always use heat mats or trivets when placing hot cookware or items onto your polished concrete. Concrete is heat resistant but excessive heat may damage the surface.

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