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Explore 5 Different Types of Dining Tables

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

concrete top dining table


The dining table is the centre of a home because it fosters interactions, fortifies ties, solidifies bonds and weaves memories. You are more likely to focus on your food and enjoy it when you are seated at a table for meals. It is also a location where the entire family would gather frequently to talk about their days.

As people give more importance to mental health and communication, the dining table becomes the prime spot of connecting everyone. With so many options available, you can choose everything from basic ones to a classic concrete top dining table. Make sure to personally understand your taste and choose the right one.

1. Wood Dining Table

Wood is always a classic choice! If you choose a solid wood dining table, wooden dining tables are especially noted for their strength and durability. Simply wiping it is all that is required to clean it. You might require a cleaning product for the stain, but it is a straightforward and basic thing. Also, wood dining tables bring a lot of elegance and drama to the interiors.

2. White Plastic Dining Table

Plastic has transformed the industry as you can find almost everything in plastic. A plastic dining table is generally maintenance free and does not require any future investments. It also does not rust compared to other materials. While it is affordable, hard stains can disturb the look of a plastic dining table. So, if you are looking for something budget-friendly, this is your go to option!

3. Concrete Dining Table

Contrary to other popular materials for a dining room table, a concrete outdoor dining table is water-resistant, making them very easy to clean. You also get an opportunity to build the mould and can choose the style, dimension and design of the concrete sculpture. Concrete tables look wonderful in lounges decorated in neutral tones like grey, charcoal and white because they make a statement and provide texture to the space.

4. Folding Dining Table

A table having legs that fold up against the top surface is referred to as a folding table. This is done to facilitate storage and increase portability of the table. They are especially useful in smaller eating areas and can be used as extra tables when food services are busy due to their adjustable size. When not in use, you can fold it and pack, freeing up space that can be put to better use. It is generally more suitable for office interiors.

5. Glass Dining Table

Glass dining tables are a popular choice for someone who is looking for a combination of sophisticated vibes and style. Due to the usage of glass, you can expect more natural light being reflected. Also, glass dining tables are much appreciated for smaller dining rooms as they look wider creating an illusion for the eye. However, a glass dining table needs extra cleaning as you would not like fingerprint marks or cloudy spots to be seen while you are eating!

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