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Concrete Top Dining Table

Updated: May 14

Concrete Furniture is the perfect start to planning your outdoor area. Offering a bold statement to any space, concrete furniture is full of timeless character. Concrete Furniture can be easily matched to any style of décor as it versatility fits into any environment. Providing an organic look concrete furniture is complimented by accent pieces such as pots & plants, a must for any inviting outdoor area. Extending our living areas outdoor areas are a necessity in our modern day busy life styles. Gone are the days that a plastic outdoor table near the backdoor would suffice, today your outdoor area should be inviting and functional. A comfortable lounge will provide a cosy and luxurious place to spend time with family & friends. Decorate with cushions and throws to provide a welcoming vibe. An outdoor theatre is not out of reach with projectors & televisions being very affordable. An outdoor concrete coffee table is the perfect place for movie snacks and of course a cocktail or two. Image lazing on your outdoor lounge while watching a movie in the cool night air ~ Heaven!

An outdoor kitchen brings indoor living outdoors and with the addition of a pizza oven you’ll never be short of guests wanting to spend time at your home. Your pizza oven can also double as a fire place once you have finished cooking. Include a drinks fridge and a speaker for your favourite music and you’ll create the ultimate outdoor living space, who needs to go inside??

Limited space? Bespoke concrete furniture can help you to transform small outdoor areas into functional living areas. We were recently commissioned to custom make a concrete dining table for Sydney by a customer who wanted to convert a dining table to a ping pong table after they had finished dining. Ta-Da, the outdoor eating area converts to a games area! This is a very clever way to expand on your space and provide you with the best use of limited outdoor living room. In an area with limited space a vertical garden is a great way to use wall space and add greenery to your area. Vertical gardens can also be used to grow herbs and some vegetables making it functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

With a growth of population smaller living areas are becoming more or a reality in inner city living. We have supplied concrete dining tables in Sydney for roof top gardens. The perfect material for roof top living, concrete stands the test of time and requires little maintenance in the great outdoors. Concrete planters can offer the perfect vessel for plants such as bamboo that can offer shading and privacy. Concrete compliments the greenery of plants ensuring a contemporary modern feel to any outdoor space. A popular restaurant at Circular Key in Sydney requested large concrete planters that also double as outdoor area dividers. This approached provided a greenery element to the outdoor area as well as providing an intimate feel to a large outdoor space.

The gift of an amazing climate provides the perfect invitation to spend time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Spending time to design and create a functional outdoor area will provide you with additional space for relaxation and escape from a busy world. At Cast In Concrete Design we custom hand made all furniture to order. We design and handcraft all our concrete furniture at our workshop in Australia and provide a robust quality control process. We can assist you to design your concrete furniture to meet your needs and lifestyle. We supply concrete tables to Sydney and Australia wide. Contact us to open your world to the elegancy and artistry of concrete furniture and ensure you get the return of comfortable outdoor living for your investment.

Outdoor Pool Side Concrete Table
Concrete Top Dining Table

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