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How to Choose the Best Benchtop for Your Kitchen?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Kitchen Benchtops

Having the right benchtop is extremely important for any kitchen as it is one of the most functional parts. It not only offers vital spac

e for cooking and storing equipment, but it also significantly impacts how a kitchen looks.

Which kitchen benchtop you choose is likely your most crucial decision while renovating. To make the best decision, consider the following tips when you explore kitchen bench tops in Brisbane:

  • Budget: The best course of action is to begin paring down the list based on what you can afford. This will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with a kitchen benchtop concrete that is simply too expensive. When examining the price, keep in mind that a benchtop's worth is directly correlated with the strength and durability of the material. The price of the product would increase with its quality. Therefore, the prices and warranties being supplied on the material should always be included in the cost. When selecting a kitchen benchtop, it is always recommended to speak with an expert to ensure you receive the best value for your money.

  • Benchtop Material: Some countertop materials are only visually beautiful and eye-catching, but not all homes should adopt them. For instance, if you have a fancy concrete outdoor dining table, you should choose the kitchen bench top accordingly. Furthermore, white granite countertops might not be appropriate for a large family's house where spills, leaks, and mishaps are frequent. Additionally, specific kitchen counters are vulnerable to dents, cracks, and chipping. Only install them in your home if you can keep up with maintenance. Due to these factors, you should consider how you will use your kitchen. This will enable you to choose the best material for your kitchen. Ask a professional for advice before picking countertops if you are unsure.

  • Benchtop colour: You can select complementary tones, a monochromatic colour scheme, or a contrasting colour palette to match the colour of your benchtop to the rest of your kitchen. The best action is to stick with neutral colours because they go well with almost anything. Additionally, neutral benchtop colours will provide you with more freedom in selecting the colour of your kitchen tiles. You can build a complementary colour scheme with the use of neutral tones. Additionally, you can achieve a natural aesthetic in your kitchen by incorporating metallic and stone accents.

  • Shape and size: Benchtop materials are available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes, some of which will better fit your demands than others. Putting aesthetics aside, there are several practical considerations for workbench size. The maximum depth of your benchtop should be 650mm if it is next to a wall since much deeper, and you won't be able to clean across it. More expansive island benches are possible if they can be accessed from both sides. Nothing is more inconvenient than two individuals cramming together on the benchtop to prepare your favourite cuisine when determining the length of the benchtop.

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