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How To Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Restaurant?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Restaurant Dining Table

A comfortable and well-designed dining table adds value to a customer’s experience. It is the first significant point of contact between your restaurant and the customer.

Therefore, knowing how to choose the perfect concrete outdoor dining table set is crucial.

The good news is that in this article, we will be touching on a few points that will help you decide on the right dining table set for your restaurant.

Also, stick around for a bonus tip at the end. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. The space

Before discussing dining tables, we must ascertain your restaurant’s outdoor space. The last thing we want is to order oversize tables that congest the space and make your guests feel uncomfortable.

That is why you should first know the exact space you have. Most dining table companies would also like you to give them the exact dimensions of your space so that they can work on the size of your tables accordingly.

Ideally, there should be at least a gap of 12 feet between the arrangement of the two tables. Anything less can hamper your guest’s privacy and experience.

2. The material

Material is the first thing that you have to wrap your mind around. Metals, plywood, laminate, glass and concrete are some options.

If you want to build an indoor set, you can choose between metals, plywood and glass, but if you want to upgrade your outdoor setup, we recommend you go for concrete.

Concrete is high-durable and easy to maintain. Materials like metal and wood can be affected by climatic conditions, but that is not the case with concrete. Thanks to its sturdiness, it is immune to all kinds of weather.

3. The shape

The shape of your outdoor stone tables Sydney will determine how many guests you can bargain for.

A rectangular-shaped table may not be able to accommodate more than two guests, but an oval table can seat at least three guests at a time. Oval tables are handy when you get more guests than expected.

Also, it would be best to know the purpose of gathering guests outside. Is your setup act like a banquet hall, or are you looking to host families for dining? Therefore, the purpose of your space can also help you figure out the correct table shape.

4. Maintenance budget

Finally, before placing your table order, consider the maintenance budget. The cost of maintenance largely depends upon the material you ordered.

Where glass, wood, and metal may need a good amount of maintenance (because they will be stationed in the open sky), concrete would be easy to maintain as it won’t rust like metal or deter like wood.

Therefore, maintaining a concrete table would be a cost-effective approach.

Bonus Tip

Ensure that the table design resonates with your restaurant brand to impress your guests. You can ask your table designers to add your brand’s logo to the table set.

Final Thoughts

Dining tables are an essential part of a restaurant’s décor. The ideal shape, size, material and colour create a positive customer perception. Therefore, consider these things before you buy a table for an outdoor setup.

So, contact table designers for a no-obligation quote.

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