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How to Take Care Of Your Concrete Kitchen Sinks?

So, you have just installed a new concrete kitchen sink, right?

Well, that’s why you have landed right here, looking to know the tips and tricks to increase the durability of your sink.

A concrete kitchen sink can offer many benefits, from hassle-free cleaning to a longer lifespan. However, considering the right maintenance tips is crucial if you want them to stay with you for years!

You may be mistaken if you believe that considering the right cleaning product from your nearby market will serve the purpose!

This post discusses the proven tips that will help you care for your concrete sinks.

1. Consider Natural Cleaners

It is no secret that the market is bombarded with a range of sink cleaners. However, it doesn’t mean you will bump into any random cleaner without adequate research. Even experts recommend using natural and modern cleaning products that are not harsh on your concrete sink. Always refrain from using abrasive cleaners that will deteriorate the quality of your concrete kitchen sink. If you want to use natural products, try using a vinegar solution that not only cleans your sink but can also prevent the build-up of stains. Besides using the solution, you can also use a scrubber or a brush to ensure effective cleaning.

2. Don’t Forget to Wax Your Concrete Kitchen Sink

Once you are done cleaning your sink, you must recognise the importance of waxing. Regular waxing plays an incredibly important role in extending the life of your concrete product. Not only will it protect the overall appearance of your sink, but it can also keep your sink germ-free and glowing. Please consider waxing your sink every 180 days. All you need is a high-quality wax and a cloth. Start gently rubbing your sink and leaving it to dry for half an hour. If you often use your sink (2-3 times a day), consider waxing it once in 3 months. If you have concrete furniture in your home, waxing could be an ideal choice for them, too.

3. Don’t Leave Hot Water

It is often observed that most people leave hot water in the sink for hours. Well, this is a major mistake anyone can make, and it could ultimately ruin the quality and strength of your kitchen sink. Remember that sinks are designed for washing dishes, not storing water, especially hot water. It is wise to leave hot water out of your sink briefly. Furthermore, you should keep direct sunlight from attacking your sink as it will completely ruin the colour and quality of your sink. For maximum protection, avoid throwing hard objects in your sink.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take care of your concrete kitchen sink, considering these tips will help increase its strength and durability. Always consider buying the best quality concrete sink for your kitchen that looks great and lasts long.

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