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Outdoor Concrete Furniture

Updated: May 13

Stunning & affordable Concrete Furniture is the best choice for your outdoor needs. Unlike other materials, concrete furniture looks better as it ages and doesn't need to be oiled regularly. Admittedly concrete furniture isn't bullet proof and does need to be respected, but following our basic care & maintenance advice will ensure your piece will last a life time. Concrete Furniture also survives harsh conditions & those of you living by the seaside will understand how salt air can affect other types of materials.

All our furniture is custom handmade in Australia and we can create any size, shape, or design you wish, and turn your creations into reality.

When should you say no to concrete?? Maybe not the best way to sell a product, but.... it is important that you get what you want. We talk to our customers in great detail regarding their needs and expectations. If potential customers are looking for furniture with a "perfect", sterile-looking surfaces we recommend other materials. That's not to suggest that concrete in not perfect & we can produce a smooth polished look. Concrete is well-know & loved for it's raw texture look and it's appeal lies in the random aesthetic. Concrete is full of personality, it is a strong, durable porous stone requiring some care to age gracefully. Our products are polished and sealed to provide protection. Concrete will patina over time enhancing the natural organic look of your product.

Check out our website for more detail or don't hesitate to contact us with any queries ~ Jamie loves talking Concrete!

Concrete Table Square
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