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Concrete Top Dining Table

Updated: May 13

It can be a difficult decision choosing the perfect shape table for you space. A custom made concrete top dining table can be designed to suit your individual needs. Our square concrete dining table is a timeless design that stands strong against environmental factors and develops an attractive rustic finish over time. Available in various sizes, our square concrete dining table can accommodate groups of all sizes.

When trying to decide on the right shape make sure you consider your lifestyle and how your concrete top dining table will be included in your everyday routine. Do you entertain a lot or will you use your concrete top dining table for craft or working from home. In our modern day world a concrete top dining table will become part of your everyday lifestyle not just a place for eating meals. From work desk, hobby desk, sewing table as well as everyday meals and entertaining friends your concrete top dining table will become an extension of your routine.

A square concrete dining table looks great in a square room and makes a bold statement different from a tradition round or rectangle dining table. Your guests can enjoy easy flow conversation as they are seated centrally to each other at a square concrete dining table. However you will need to consider space if you would like a square concrete dining table to seat more than 6 as a square concrete dining table can take up a lot of room.

Concrete is a very stylish and durable choice making it perfect for outdoor entertaining. A concrete outdoor dining table can also be designed to any shape or colour to suit your needs. The only limit to our concrete top dining table is your imagination. We were recently commissioned to design and handcraft a concrete outdoor dining table that could be converted to a ping pong table. This concrete outdoor dining table was the perfect balance between outdoor dining and outdoor activities. Game after dinner anyone??

Concrete Dining Table
Concrete Top Dining Table

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