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Top tips to create a low-maintenance outdoor dining area

Updated: May 14

Outdoor Pool Side Concrete Table

With such busy lifestyles these days we need to ensure the majority of our free time is spent relaxing with family and friends rather than working at home on cleaning and maintenance jobs. Garden centres can provide advice on low maintenance plants and grass choices to limit requirements of trimming, watering and mowing. There is also many options for decking, pavers or gravel to eliminate the requirement of mowing lawns all together. Pots and Planters are great option to provide greenery rather than large gardens that require digging, weeding, mulching and watering.

A concrete top outdoor dining table is a great choice for your low maintenance outdoor space as a concrete outdoor dining table requires very little care and looks even better as it ages. At ‘Cast In Concrete Design’ we custom hand craft bespoke concrete outdoor dining sets to order. Each piece is individual and made specifically to meet your needs. Paired with concrete bench seats our concrete outdoor dining tables will ensure your outdoor dining area becomes a place for fun rather than additional household chores. As our concrete dining tables are made to order and we can offer a variety of styles, you can choose to move away from concrete bases as we can hand craft a concrete top dining table with timber or metal legs.

Planning is key. Think about how your outdoor area can complement your lifestyle by making a list of how you and your family would like to spend your time outdoors. Do you have limited space, do you want to spend time eating or hosting dinner parties in your outdoor area or would you like it to double as a games area? We were recently commissioned to design and make a concrete top dining table that doubles as a ping pong table. This maximised the customer’s outdoor space and provided an area for dining and playing.

When choosing outdoor furniture it’s important to select furniture that is robust to withstand the outdoor elements. It’s important to choose pieces that are resistant to moisture, UV rays, staining and mildew. Heat and UV rays can damage timber and fade colours, while moisture can cause wood rot and corrode metal. Selecting furniture that is relatively weatherproof will cut down on regular ongoing maintenance or replacement costs.

Concrete top dining tables are not only robust they remain contemporary and fit into any style of environment. Providing a natural organic look they nestle into their environment and look amazing with a backdrop of greenery or beside a swimming pool. Ensuring your outdoor furniture can be left outside will save you a lot of work and encourage you to use your outdoor area more frequently. Who could be bothered going outside if you have to cart your furniture outdoors before you can start enjoying yourself.

Low maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean no maintenance. We all know it takes some work to keep our homes looking stunning, but by careful planning you can spend time in your outdoor space doing things you enjoy such as a spot of gardening. Choosing outdoor furniture that can stand up to the outdoor elements will also help the bank account as you won’t need to constantly replace weathered damaged furniture.

Outdoor Concrete Table

Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home and personality. With living in the great outdoors becoming a way of life, there are endless choices of décor and furnishing for your outdoor space. By ensuring you select quality contemporary pieces you will create an inviting outdoor space to spend quality time with family and friends. Do your research on how your outdoor furniture is made and what maintenance is required to keep it looking fresh. These strategies will ensure your outdoor space is a place to enjoy.

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