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Why are concrete dining tables better than wooden ones?

Updated: May 14

Concrete Dining Table

Concrete outdoor furniture is the ideal choice for contemporary living. It is stylish, timeless and long lasting. Concrete dining tables require very little upkeep and there is no need to re-oil and perform regular maintenance as you would with timber furniture. Leaving you more time to spend relaxing with family and friends.

When buying a new piece of furniture you can feel overwhelmed with the amount of choice available. While the first choice of shoppers has been the conventional timber or laminate tops, times are changing with the increasing popularity of concrete dining table sets. Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is a versatile product and at ‘Cast In Concrete Design’ concrete top dining tables are custom handmade to order, providing flexibility to make any shape, design or size to meet your needs. The only limit is your imagination. Thinking of boring grey concrete? Not anymore, unlike other materials concrete dining tables can be produced in all colours of the rainbow. GFRC is relatively lightweight and very durable looking better as is ages and weathers.

Concrete outdoor furniture benefits include strength and durability, versatility, low maintenance, fire resistant and affordability. Heat and UV rays can damage timber and fade colours, while moisture can cause wood rot and corrode metal. Selecting concrete outdoor furniture that is relatively weatherproof, will cut down on regular ongoing maintenance or replacement costs. Concrete outdoor furniture is resistant to the elements providing you with robust furniture that lasts. A concrete outdoor furniture provides a natural organic look that blends well into any environment but without the ongoing maintenance of other materials such as timber. It wasn’t that long ago that concrete top dining tables would have been viewed as an absurd choice but times have changed and concrete furniture is common place in modern homes.

The benefits of custom made concrete dining tables include being able to speak to the craftsman about your needs so he/she can help you design your table. At ‘Cast In Concrete Design’ we specialise in designing concrete furniture for every occasion, interior & budget. Are you wanting to impress your guests with a statement piece in your home? According to feedback from our customers concrete outdoor furniture is proving to be quite the conversation piece. Exclamations of “wow, is that concrete?”, “how much does it weigh?”, “custom handmade for how much?”concrete dining table set are a contemporary choice for homeowners wanting a versatile and unique product. Each piece is hand crafted ensuring each piece is individual and no two pieces are the same. Don’t expect perfection from your concrete outdoor furniture, if you want perfection you would be better off purchasing a mass produced piece of furniture. Concrete furniture has a raw textured look and feel, each piece has its own personality.

Concrete dining tables do look great paired with timber. A concrete dining table top paired with timber legs and chairs is stunning. This style provides aesthetically pleasing look without the care and maintenance required by timber furniture. Unlike timber outdoor dining tables, concrete will not degrade in extreme weather and is resistant to the damaging elements of our great outdoors. When making your material selection make sure you research how the product is made, what sealer is used and what care & maintenance is recommended by the manufacturer. Even concrete won’t last if inferior materials are used during manufacturing. While concrete furniture is low maintenance, strong and robust it is not indestructible and does require some care to age gracefully. Concrete will patina over time enhancing the natural organic look of your concrete dining table set.

Oh, and try to restrain from dancing on your table…..

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Heather Adam
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