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This warranty does not cover:

  • use of the piece for any commercial purpose

  • edge chipping, surface damage caused by wear and tear, cracking or discolouration due to the product being subjected to high heat or damage caused by improper use or abuse including; damage from mishandling or misuse, cracking around voids and cut outs, exposure to ultra violet light, damage from physical or chemical abuse and damage from improper care and maintenance including, but not limited to, damage caused by cleaning with abrasive substances

  • scratches or stains;

  • any chemical damage

  • damage to the product because it has been fabricated or installed in an improper manner or contrary to any specifications outlined by Cast In Concrete Design

  • any failures to benchtops or cabinetry due to inadequate support or un-level cabinetry for the installation

  • the altering of any factory-applied finish

  • additional modifications such as plumbing, electrical, tile, cabinets, flooring, etc. that may be necessary to repair or replace the Cast In Concrete Design product covered under this warranty

  • chipping or pinholes occurring during fabrication or through ongoing use

  • seam appearance or seam performance

  • hairline cracking around cut outs during or after installation

  • products that have not been paid in full

  • routine maintenance and minor conditions such as stains, acid etching, revealing of pinholes, and water spots that are a function of proper care and maintenance and which may be corrected by following the techniques specified in the Care & Maintenance Guide

Any claim under the warranty will not be recognised or accepted and the warranty does not apply if: 

  • the claim is not supported by proof of the purchase of the product from Cast In Concrete Design within one (1) year

  • the claim is not made within a reasonable period after the defect in the product would have become apparent to a reasonable person

  • the product alleged to be defective is not made available for inspection and testing by Cast In Concrete Design or its authorised representatives or consultants.

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