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Custom Made Concrete Sink, Water Feature Bowls & Concrete Planters

When you want to create an outdoor living space, you need strong, durable features that stand the test of time. While ceramic products tend to lose out finish and strength to constant UV exposure and moisture, concrete does not bend under external factors.

Cast In Concrete Design specialises in constructing concrete sink, concrete planters and water feature bowls to name a few. We build these features from the ground up, to your unique specifications. We build custom concrete pieces specific to you needs.

Concrete Sink

A concrete sink is a perfect feature for your outdoor kitchen, conservatory or any area that seeks a permanent feature. Concrete is water-resistant, easy to clean and even easier to maintain. Once installed, a concrete sink guarantees plenty of years without repairs.

Concrete Planters

Make your garden display a sight to behold with our precast concrete planters, or you can have them custom made to optimise the available space fully. Concrete planters add value and character to your garden space while giving you various design and size options.

Water Feature Bowls

When it comes to installing concrete water feature bowls in your garden area, Cast In Concrete Design provides a wide range of options to choose from, or you can create your own with our custom services. We can make water features for all kinds of spaces and budget preferences. So, no matter what you are looking for, we are confident to create the desired effect for you.


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