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Concrete Top Dining Table - style & functionality!

Updated: May 13

Concrete outdoor dining table has long been a very popular choice for the Australian outdoors. It is modern, lightweight and extremely durable.

Cast In Concrete Design specialises in a range of square concrete dining table to suit a variety of settings and climates. We make beautiful concrete outdoor dining table and concrete top dining table with timber or steel base.

Concrete outdoor dining table is the ideal choice for outdoor living. It is stylish, lightweight and long lasting. Concrete outdoor dining table requires very little upkeep and there is no need to re-oil and perform regular maintenance as you would with timber outdoor furniture.

A square concrete dining table or concrete top dining table with timber or metal legs add a style & functionality to your outdoor space. The perfect statement for your home a concrete top dining table will add individuality & charm.

Our concrete top dining table are custom handmade so we can craft the perfect shape for your home or office. Square Concrete Dining Table, Round Concrete Dining Table or Rectangle Concrete Dining Table - spoilt for choice we can help you design the perfect shape Concrete Top Dining Table to meet your individual needs.

For more information about our extensive range of concrete top dining table, contact us at or 0419658728. Or, if you live in Queensland, Australia, feel free to drop by our factory showroom at 4 Leo Alley Road, Noosa QLD.

Concrete Outdoor Dining Table
Concrete Top Dining Table

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