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Ready for Summer?

Updated: May 13

Sunshine, sand & waves our favorite signs of summer! Concrete outdoor furniture is the perfect choice for entertaining family & friends in your outdoor space this summer. Durable & functional, concrete outdoor furniture requires little to no maintenance giving you more time to spend enjoying the glorious outdoors. We can help you design an impressive alfresco area with concrete outdoor furniture that makes a chic statement.

"The versatility of concrete has led to its appearance in numerous non-traditional formats such as furniture, sculpture and art. Due to improved setting and molding techniques, it is now possible to create more sophisticated shaped furniture using concrete." Wikipedia

Wikipedia is correct ~ Concrete furniture has come a long way. Our concrete outdoor furniture is created from a mix of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) making it a lighter weight than traditional concrete. GFRC also provides a smooth finish, durable & high quality product. Each piece is handcrafted in our Noosa workshop so we can work with you to design & create an original piece specifically to suit your needs. Contact us today at Cast In Concrete Design & let's get ready for summer!

Concrete Outdoor Furniture
Concrete Outdoor Furniture
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