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Rectangle concrete sink

500mm long x 320mm Wide x 120mm high - waste 45mm

Colours - Charcoal, Grey or White


Welcome to the sturdy and stylish world of concrete sinks, a popular choice for homeowners who want to combine function with flair in their domestic spaces. Our concrete sinks can be the perfect addition to your home!


Why Choose Concrete Sinks?


Concrete sinks are not just sinks but a statement of style and durability. They bring an industrial charm to any bathroom or kitchen, blending seamlessly with modern, rustic, or minimalist decor. Let's explore why a concrete sink might just be the new centrepiece of your home.


Unparalleled Aesthetic Appeal


Imagine a material that adapts to your style yet stands out with its raw, textured beauty. That’s what concrete brings to your space. Each concrete sink is not just crafted but sculpted with personal attention to detail, offering a visual appeal that no other basin material can match. From sleek, polished finishes to rugged, artisanal textures, concrete's aesthetic versatility is unmatched.


Durability and Longevity 


Concrete is synonymous with strength. A concrete sink is incredibly resilient, handling everything from hot pans to heavy pots without a whimper. The durability of concrete means your sink is built to last, resisting chips and scratches better than other materials. Investing in a concrete sink could mean decades of reliable service, adding a sense of permanence to your home.


Customization Options 


Your home should reflect your personality, and with concrete customisation options, it is almost limitless. Concrete can be tailored to fit your exact specifications, whether it’s the colour, shape, or finish. This makes it a dream for both homeowners and designers looking to create a unique space that reflects individual style and functional needs.


Easy Maintenance 


Contrary to popular belief, concrete sinks are easy to maintain. They require minimal care—just regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners to maintain their chic look. With the right sealing, water absorption is significantly reduced, making the sink more hygienic and stain-resistant.


Eco-Friendly Choice 


Choosing concrete is a step towards sustainable living. Concrete can be made with recycled materials and can be recycled, reducing waste and using virgin materials. It makes it an environmentally responsible choice for those looking to reduce their ecological footprint.


Our Concrete Sinks Range


At Cast-In Concrete Design, we pride ourselves on a diverse range of concrete sinks that cater to every taste and requirement. From sleek and slender concrete basin models perfect for compact spaces to grand concrete bathroom sinks designed to be the room's focal point, our collection has something for everyone. Each piece showcases the natural elegance of concrete, combined with excellent quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time.


Buy Concrete Basins Online


In today’s digital age, convenience is key. We make it easy to decide, create, and stylise your bathroom from the comfort of your home. Browse our extensive online collection to view detailed descriptions, images, and reviews to help you choose the perfect concrete sink for your home.

Concrete Sink

  • Concrete Basins FAQs


    - Are Your Concrete Sinks Durable?


    Absolutely! Our concrete sinks are designed with durability in mind. They are robust and able to withstand the rigours of daily use while maintaining their elegance and integrity over time.


    - What Cleaning Chemicals Are Recommended for Your Concrete Basins?


    We recommend using pH-neutral cleaning agents to maintain the integrity and appearance of your concrete sink. Harsh chemicals can strip the sealant and damage the surface, so gentle care is needed to keep your basin in top condition.


    - Can I Put Boiling Water Into the Concrete Basin Bowl?


    Yes, you can pour boiling water into our concrete sinks without fear of damage. Concrete's thermal stability makes it resistant to thermal shock, ensuring that sudden temperature changes do not crack or harm the material.


    - How Long Do Concrete Sinks Last?


    A concrete sink from our range can last decades with proper care and occasional resealing. The longevity of concrete is one of its most appealing attributes, offering a durable yet stylish solution for any home.

    Incorporating a concrete sink into your bathroom design adds a touch of style and ensures a durable and practical solution that withstands the demands of daily life. Choose Cast-In Concrete Design for a blend of functionality, beauty, and durability that transforms your space into a haven of modern elegance.

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