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Beautiful, hand-crafted outdoor dining table.  Lightweight and durable.

Materials: Concrete 

Colours - Charcoal, Grey or White

Bench seats not included


Sizes available in this range*:

Extra small (6-seater) - 1.5m x 1m

Small (6-seater) - 1.8m x 1m

Medium (8-seater) - 2.1m x 1m

Large (10-seater) - 2.4m x 1m

Extra large wide (12-seater) - 2.4m x 1.2m

Extra large long (12-seater) - 2.8m x 1m

* To choose your desired size, select from the sizes droplist above 


If you are looking for a spacious and stylish handcrafted outdoor dining table, look no further than this concrete rectangle table. This product is made from high-quality concrete. It has a smooth and polished surface that is easy to maintain. You can select from various sizes according to your requirements and outdoor space. 

Concrete Table Rectangle

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